Monday, 23 July 2018

United States Shipping Board ocean going single screw steam tug Barstow 1919-1941

Delivered in July 1919 by Bethlehem SB Company, Elizabethport, New Jersey, USA with hull number 2132 and O.N. 218245. Became in 1923 the Argentinean Azopardo and finally stricken in 1941. Steel-built. Gross tonnage 437 tons, net tonnage 203 tons) and as dimensions 141.3½ (between perpendiculars) x ‘26.6 (moulded) x 16.8 (moulded depth) x 14.6 (summer draught) feet. Machinery consisted of 1-800ihp triple expansion steam engine and 2 Scotch boilers. Call sign KIJR. Standard design 150 feet steel built ocean going tugs with as Gross tonnage 437 tons, net tonnage 203 tons) and dimensions 141.3½ (between perpendiculars)-151.5 (over all) x 27.6 (moulded) x 16.8 (moulded depth) x 15.6 (draught) feet. The program was to consist of the Baldridge, Baldrock, Balshead, Ballcamp, Ballenas, Ballew, Barkhamstead, Barlow, Barrallton, Barranca, Barrenfork, Barryton, Butterfield, Buttercup, Barstow, Bartheny, Bartolome, Barwick, Basford, Pasque, Kamiakin, Klickitat, Waquioit, Sagamore, Wianno, Weanaumet, Nobska, Kittikas and Temkese.

Register of Ships Owned by United States Shipping Board dated 1 August 1920