Friday, 13 May 2022

Dutch screw steam tug (ex-Finland 1921-1931, Arabe 1931-1936, Finland 1936-1951, Hercules 1951-1965, Delfshaven 1965-1976) Finland 1976-

Inner harbour of Rotterdam, Netherlands 20 October 2008

Netherlands-flagged, ENI 02002606, MMSI 244730168 and call sign PE8113. Casco built with yard number 79 by De Groot&Van Vliet, Slikkerveer, Netherlands and completed by yard number 313 by scheepswerf P. Smit, Rotterdam, Netherlands as Finland in 1921. Dimensions 22,48 x 5,27 x 2,20 metres. Renamed Arabe in 1931 of Anglo Algerian Coaling Company, Oran, Algeria, as Finland since 1936 of P. Smit Jr. Stoomsleepdienst N.V., Rotterdam her former owner, since 1951 as Hercules of Steenkolen Handels Vereeniging NV, Utrecht, Netherlands, since 1965 as Delfshaven of ‘s-Gravenhaagsche&Vlaardinger Stoomsleepdienst NV, Vlaardingen, Netherlands, since 1976 original name retained with owner Stoomstichting Nederland BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

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