Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Position of the enemy submarines on the North Atlantic Ocean according to the U.S. Joint Intelligence Committee. Daily summary dated 30 August 1942

An item reported that around 9 enemy submarines were to be located between 48-55 degrees north and 30-35 degrees west. In the coastal waters were enemy submarines also active, Gulf of the St. Lawrence 1, Gulf of Maine 1, off Cape Lookout 1, off the west coast of Florida 1 and in the Gulf of Mexico 1. It seemed that the submarines east of the Lesser Antilles were moving closer the South American coastal waters and off the Brazilian coast there were four, 3 of these north eastward of Bahia and one possible off Santos.


Map Room Papers (Roosevelt Administration), 1942 - 1945. U.S. Joint Intelligence Committee. Daily summary No. 263 dated 30 August 1942

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