Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Former Russian battleship Retvisan refloated by the Japanese according to the Dutch newspaper De Tijd dated 23 September 1905

Diana and Retvisan visiting coal bunker station Sabang, Dutch East Indies in 1903
Photo made by Christiaan Benjamin Nieuwenhuis

Source l’Illustration d.d. 16-4-1904 trapped in Port Arthur

Source l’Illustration d.d. 13-2-1904

An item dated Tokyo, Japan 23rd reported that a day earlier the Russian battleship Retvisan was refloated.(1) 


1. The shipyard of William Cramp&Sons, Philadelphia, USA was ordered in 2 May 1898, to built her a modified Potemkin design used, she was with yard number 300 laid down on 29 July 1899, launched on 23 October 1900, commissioned on 23 March 1902, building costs 4.360.000 US dollars, and sunk by the Japanese army howitzers in Port Arthur on 6 December 1904, after the capitulation of the Russian forces on 2 January 1905 was nothing done with her until the Japanese salvaged her on 22 September 1905, renamed Hizen on 24 September 1905, repaired at Sasebo, Japan between 27 November 1905 and November 1908, refitted in 1913, stationed at Vladivostok in 1918, reclassified as 1st class coastal defence ship on 1 September 1921, disarmed at Sasebo, Japan as result of the Washington Naval Treaty in April 1922, stricken on 20 September 1923 and finally sunk in the Bungo channel while used as a target on 25 July 1924

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