Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Explosion on board of the American gunboat USS Bennington according to the Dutch newspaper Middelburgsche courant dated 24 July 1905

An item dated Santiago, Chile 22nd reported that the disaster with the cruiser Bennington caused the death of 39 men, 80 wounded and another 21 missing.(1)


1. PG-4. Part of Yorktown-class gunboats (unofficially 3rd class cruisers), succeeded by Petrel-class, contract awarded to N.F. Palmer&Co., Philadelphia, USA on 15 November 1887, laid down with yard number 250 by Delaware River Iron Shipbuilding&Engine Works in June 1888, launched on 3 June 1890, first time commissioned on 20 June 1901, boiler explosion at San Diego, California, USA on 21 July 1905, last time decommissioned on 31 October 1905, stricken on 10 September 1910 and scuttled off Oahu, Hawaii in 1924. 

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