Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Former Russian battleship Poltava salvaged by the Japanese according to the Dutch newspaper De Sumatra post dated 26 July 1905

Japanese Tango ex-Russian Poltava

An item dated London, England 24th referred to tidings received from Tokyo that the Russian battleship Poltava which sunk at Port Arthur was salvaged and floating.(1)


1. Part of Petropavlovsk-class battleships, preceded by Sissoi Veliky, succeeded by Rostislav, laid down by New Admiralty Shipyard, Saint Petersburg, Russia on 19 May 1892, launched on 6 November 1894, commissioned in 1899, captured at Port Arhur by the Japanese in January 1905, commissioned as Tango on 22 August 1905, sold to Russian Empire on 3/4 April 1916, renamed Chesma, taken over the Bolsheviks in October 1917, captured by the British in March 1919, recaptured in October 1919 and broken up in 1924 

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