Sunday, 19 June 2022

Italian coastal torpedo boat 93 S 1886-1905

Schichau type 2nd class, original design with one pole mast. Displacement 80 tons and as dimensions 39.00 x 4.80 x 2.15 metres. Crew numbered 16 men including 2 officers. Range 300 nautical miles/15 knots and 1.000 nautical miles/10 knots. Speed 19-22 knots. Horsepower 1.000 hp. One locomotive boiler. Armament 2-35.6cm torpedo tubes and 2-3.7cm guns. Built by Odero, Sestri, Italy. Laid down on 6 December 1886, launched in 1887, commissioned on 1 October 1888, oil fuelled since 1896 and stricken on 15 August 1905.


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